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Steel Metal Tube Coil Suppliers, Taiwan Steel Tube/Hung Yuan Metal Tube Corporation Ltd.specializes in tube manufacturing. By using our patented tube forming system and high quality professional molds, our company makes the most outstanding steel tubing products around the global. Our main markets include North America, Europe, North Africa, Asia and Australia. With 7 steel tube manufacturing machines, our capacity can reach over 15 thousand tons per year.

Our main goals are as follows,

  • First, assure quality and reliable steel,steel tube / tubing products.
  • Second, innovative research and development of new tubing steel products.
  • Third, enhance efficiency by renewing machine.
  • Forth, satisfy customers’ needs and create long-term business relationships.

Products Scope

  • Steel Round Tubes
  • Steel Rectangular Tubes
  • Steel Square Tubes
  • Steel Oval Tubes
  • Special Shaped Tubes
  • Front Fork Tubes
  • Eye Shaped Tubes

Global Market Sales

North America: Canada, the USA

Asia: Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Philippines

Mid-East Asia: Arabia, Iran, Israel

South America: Brazil, Argentina

Africa: Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa

Europe: England, German, Switzerland, Poland, Czech, Ukraine